Quality & Design

All furniture at Anderson Reeve is individually designed and handmade to fit our customer’s requirements. Everything we design and manufacture is 100% bespoke and made in England.

Each piece of furniture is constructed by one cabinet maker from start to finish in our Leicestershire workshop.

We combine the best of both conventional and contemporary cabinet making techniques in order to create the highest quality manufacturing methods. This ensures maximum quality is always maintained.

The Details

The fascias and doors of our furniture are made using timbers that are much thicker than average, which makes certain there is minimum movement. The fascias are joined using traditional mortise and tenoned joints which are renowned for their stability. The doors are joined using tenons and grooves so as to improve the strength of our furniture. Our drawers are made in a traditional style featuring soft close runner systems which are sustainable to everyday use. Furthermore, our worktops are constructed using wide planks so as to emphasise the timber’s grain and beauty, and they are joined together using a combination of both butt and biscuit joints.


All of our furniture is built using only the best quality materials to ensure utmost resilience.

Painted Furniture

Doors, fascias, cornice and cabinet skirting boards are built from tulip wood, which is selected for its stability.

For our internal carcassing and cabinet sides we use a high quality Birch Plywood.

Should you prefer an alternative to painted Birch Plywood internals, we also have a fine selection of hardwood veneered boards.

All drawer boxes are made with your chosen hardwood timber.

Natural Wood Furniture

Doors, fascias, cornice, drawers and cabinet skirting boards are made with solid sustainable timbers. We can use any preferred timber that you may have in mind.
For our internal carcassing and cabinet sides we also have a fine selection of hardwood veneered boards to match your chosen hardwood timbers.


We usually use Oak, Cherry, Quartz or Granite for our worktops, however any other preferred material can be used.



Painted Furniture

The exterior of our furniture is finished using a high quality furniture paint with a professional finish which is easy to keep clean.

The cabinets in our painted range are primed and then painted in your desired colour. They are then given a final coat by hand which creates a very fine brush stroke effect throughout.

The interior of our furniture is also painted to match your chosen exterior colour.

Natural Wood Furniture

Our natural wood furniture is finished using either Danish oil or lacquer.

Cabinets that are finished in Danish oil become rich in colour which brings out the timber’s natural grain and beauty. However furniture that has been finished with Danish oil does require a little looking after by the customer, and will in time need re-oiling.

A lacquered finish is an alternative to Danish oil. It is lighter in colour, is water resistant and does not require any aftercare.


We finish our wooden worktops with a soft sheen lacquer which is durable and provides a water tight protection.

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