Reflective Surfaces

Sink Basin
All of our furniture is built using only the best quality materials to ensure utmost resilience.

Painted Furniture (Exterior)
Doors, drawers, fascias and cabinet sides are built from tulip and alder wood, both of which have been selected for their stability.

Painted Furniture (Interior)
For our internal carcassing we generally use a redwood pine. However, we also have a fine selection of hardwood veneered boards which are renowned for being highly durable.

Granite Worksurface
Non Painted Furniture (Exterior)
Doors, draws and fascias are made of solid sustainable timbers. We generally favour the two very different woods, oak and cherry. Oak has a very finely detailed grain whereas cherry is characterised by its dark tone and open grain. Although we favour these two materials, we will use any other preferred timber that you may have in mind.

Non Painted Furniture (Interior)
The interior of our cabinets are made using a hardwood veneered board, which will match your chosen exterior timber.

We usually use oak, cherry or granite for our worktops, however any other preferred material can be used.

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