Dovetail Joints
Painted Furniture
The exterior of our furniture is finished using a high quality furniture paint, thus leaving a professional finish which is easy to keep clean.

The cabinets in our painted range are primed and then painted in your desired colour. They are then given a final coat by hand which creates a very fine brush stroke effect throughout.

The interior of our furniture is carefully finished with four coats of Danish oil, which leaves a low lustre effect.

Anderson Reeve
Non Painted Furniture
Our non painted furniture is finished using either Danish oil or lacquer.

Cabinets that are finished in Danish oil become rich in colour, which brings out the timber’s natural grain and beauty. However furniture that has been finished with Danish oil does require a little looking after by the customer, and will in time need re-oiling.

A lacquered finish is an alternative to Danish oil. It is lighter in colour, is water resistant and does not require any aftercare.

We finish our wooden worktops with a soft sheen lacquer which is durable and provides a water tight protection.

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